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  • Asbestos Abatement Denver Icon Highest RatedHighest Rated & Most Reviewed in Northern Colorado
  • Asbestos Abatement Denver Icon 100 SatisfactionWe go the extra mile to make sure you’re 100% satisfied
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Welcome to our page!

We are Xtract Environmental Services and we specialize in asbestos removal and cleanup. We have over 30 years of Asbestos Abatement experience between our three owners and are well equipped to handle all of your asbestos questions and projects. We are capable of taking on projects of any size, including both residential dwellings or commercial buildings. We are well-positioned to service all of Colorado and Southern Wyoming swiftly and efficiently, with offices in Greeley, CO, and Grand Junction, CO. Some examples of our projects include remodels, building demos, spill cleanups, water losses, fire losses, and other disaster claims. We have many Asbestos Abatement relationships with Industrial Hygienists (A.M.S.) that we can refer to perform asbestos testing services. Please contact us if you have any questions or need our services. You can place your trust in Xtract, the highest-rated asbestos abatement contractor in Northern Colorado!


100% Guarantee

When you work with us we guarantee that the job will be done correctly and cost-efficiently to provide you peace of mind and confidence. We provide excellent communication and customer service while employing technicians that are professional and skillful. Of course, mistakes can happen, but we make sure they are resolved quickly and not on your dime! Let us go above and beyond for you and earn a 5-star review from you!


Our offer to you

It is imperative to us to provide you with the ultimate service AND we want to give back to you and our partners in the industry that we highly value. Our way of doing this is offering a free duct cleaning service to you after we are finished. We do not actually perform the service but we cover the costs for our referral partners to come take care of you. These companies have been thoroughly vetted through an ongoing relationship and we trust they will take care of you and your home or business to our Asbestos Abatement standards.


Insurance Claims

If you have experienced a water or fire loss and asbestos was found, you have come to the right place. We have a surplus of experience in dealing with insurance claims and can help you through these misfortunes. We understand how a disaster can cause distress and disturbance in your life so we make strong efforts to ensure that the asbestos is handled safely and in a timely manner to return your home to working order as soon as possible. Asbestos abatement is a highly regulated industry so there are many steps in this process, but we do our best to apply methods that make it feel seamless. As soon as we get the initial call, we will schedule a walkthrough with you or the restoration company addressing the loss. Once we have completed the walkthrough and gathered the proper information and scope of work, our estimate will be provided to your insurance adjuster within 48 hours of the meeting. Our estimates are always very detailed and fairly priced. At this point, we will continuously follow up with the adjuster until our estimate gets approved and we are given the green light to perform the abatement services. After approval, we will immediately call you to get the applicable paperwork signed. With the signed paperwork we can submit our state permit application. With an emergency option (which is generally the case in a water or fire loss), the standard 10 business day processing period for the permit is minimized to just 2 days. Through this refined process, we are generally in your home or commercial building within a week. Without the emergency option, it is typical to see this process take 3 to 4 grueling weeks. When the abatement is finished, an air quality inspection will be performed by a third-party firm, so you and your contractor know it is now safe to continue. Let us WOW you with our friendly, attentive, and speedy team!


Renovation Projects

Whether you just purchased your dream home or you are giving your current home a makeover, we are the team you need to take care of the troublesome asbestos that likely surprised you. We come with a “5-Star” reputation and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. First, we will schedule a walk-through with you to gather the information necessary to draft up an accurate estimate. It is important that we carefully explain all of the potential options with you and answer any questions you have so you feel secure in your decision. Once a scope of work has been agreed upon, we proudly provide guaranteed estimates barring any unusual surprises (such as additional material that was not previously found). When you grant us the opportunity to provide our Asbestos Abatement services, we will submit the state permit application and work closely with you and/or your contractor to ensure the timeline is seamless. Usually, in the case of renovation projects, state permits require a 10-day processing period before they are granted. Once we are onsite, we will work efficiently and safely while maintaining our agreed upon schedule. When the abatement is finished, an air quality inspection will be performed by a third-party firm, so you and your contractor know it is now safe to continue. We leave our projects extremely clean to provide a nice canvas for your contractor to rebuild.


Demolition Projects

A demolition project can be tricky and it requires the coordination of multiple parties to make sure it is completed safely while maintaining federal and state regulations. Before anything can be removed, a comprehensive survey must be completed on all material to protect the workers, customers, and the environment. If asbestos is present, we would be thrilled to join your team in the task of removing the structure properly. We will provide our expertise on the most cost-effective and safe ways to get the job done. If you have not yet assembled the contractors, we have many industry partners that we have vetted and use on our own projects. We encourage you to use us as a resource to make your job easier!