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 “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Thank you for your interest in joining our team! As a community-driven company, we are proud of our accomplishments and progress thus far and passionate about our future. We founded Xtract ES in February of 2019 and through 5-star customer services and an employee driven philosophy, we have quickly grown and expanded to serve all of Colorado and Southern Wyoming. We plan to continue to build on that momentum, permitting us to offer higher pay than the industry average and offer opportunities for advancement. We are committed to creating a positive and expansive environment and culture for our employees. 

What We Do

Xtract ES is an asbestos abatement company. Our duty is to enter a home or building to mitigate a dangerous health risk and offer peace of mind. We do this by removing asbestos containing drywall, vinyl, siding, or other materials in a safe, contained manner. We are customer service and we expect our team to be as well. We cultivate focused leadership to ensure that the team is valued and provided with the tools needed to succeed and expand. If you decide to join our team, our goal is to deliver a caring environment and a vehicle for success. If and/or when your experience with our company is complete, you will gain valuable knowledge and expertise which will benefit you in your future endeavors. 

What You Do

At Xtract, we expect all employees to be punctual and reliable. We seek positive, hardworking individuals that are capable of performing physical labor. Other vital skills include coachability, being goal-orientated and punctual (meeting deadlines is a crucial part of this work). We do not require any previous experience and we will pay for all initial classes and certifications. 

Hiring Process

Once you have completed your application, we will respond promptly with an invitation to interview. This initial interview will be in a group setting with other applicants. We will provide an overview of our company and the positions we are currently hiring. If we determine that you might fit in our team, we will conduct a brief phone interview where we can discuss the opportunity further and answer any of your questions. If we are a fit, you will be scheduled for a certification class and asked to complete an employment packet. The certification class is a 40-hour course in Denver (we will pay for all lodging if needed). Once you have completed and passed the state test, you are officially ready to begin a career in the abatement industry! Before your first day, you will be issued a respirator and company branded uniforms. 

Positions we are HIRING NOW!

Asbestos Technician – This position is suitable for individuals that have not previously working in the asbestos industry and are eager to learn the industry and grow within the company. Your responsibilities include punctuality, reliability, coachability, positivity, and providing highly-regarded customer service. Additionally, individuals must uphold all State, OSHA and EPA regulations. 

An example of a standard day would flow in the following manner…

  • Arrive on time to the current project address at 8 am
  • Receive direction from crew supervisor.
  • Get dressed in appropriate personal protective equipment.
  • Enter containment and begin scraping vinyl flooring, removing drywall, etc. 
  • Take midday break for lunch.
  • Return to work in appropriate personal protective equipment.
  • Work in a team to complete each day efficiently and with pride in the quality of work completed.

Asbestos Supervisor – This position requires previous industry experience, as well as an individual who is self-motivated, goal oriented, and a constructive leader. This individual is responsible for managing workflow, guiding technicians, training new hires, reporting to managers, evaluating employee performance, staying on schedule with assigned projects, and adhering to all State, OSHA and EPA regulations. 

An example of a standard day would flow in the following manner…

  • Show up 10 minutes before the rest of the crew.
  • Check the containment and equipment to ensure it is all in working order.
  • Meet with crew and provide a brief and relevant safety meeting.
  • Direct crew so that daily goals are met efficiently.
  • Begin daily paperwork on company provided IPad.
  • Join crew inside containment to help reach the daily goals.
  • Check crew out of containment and take midday break for lunch.
  • Return to project and direct and assist crew in completing the day’s work.
  • Finish daily paperwork.
  • Review day’s work and overall progress in the job’s timeline.
  • Verify that the project site is clean and equipment is in working order.
  • Send crew home with direction for the following day.

Administrative Assistant – This position handles routine and advanced duties. You will organize files, keep CRM and other software current, prepare reports and documents, prepare invoices and offer general staff support. You will also be an initial point of contact, which requires answering phones and greeting visitors. 

An example of a standard day would flow in the following manner…

  • Arrive at office at 8 am.
  • Check email and voicemail.
  • Review and correct company timeclock mistakes.
  • Review and update customer relation management software and job board.
  • Review and edit progress reports and email to customers.
  • Draft contracts and assist with filing permit applications.
  • Take lunch.
  • Complete daily tasks.
  • Ensure customers have continuous communication. 
  • Schedule interviews.
  • Record meeting notes.
  • Plan and time block workflow for following day. 


We offer paid time off (PTO) that increases each year you are part of the Xtract team.

We pay higher wages than the industry average.

We pay for all certifications and continued education.

We pay for major holidays.

Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in working with us at Xtract. We look forward to meeting you and want to add you to our squad as we seek a mutual path to success! We are eager to add positive, coachable and hard-working individuals to our team. If you think you are ready to join us, please complete an application and contact us for an interview. We are consistently interviewing promising candidates. 



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