About Us

In early 2019, Cody Gordon and Mario Bustillos co-founded Xtract Environmental Services out of Northern Colorado with the mission of creating a supportive working environment that fostered the individuality and originality of their team. Throughout this process, they understood that happy team members would treat our customers and business in the same way, cultivating high quality services and attitudes, developing into a superior reputation. This approach promoted rapid growth throughout Colorado and Wyoming and established Xtract as a premier competitor providing asbestos removal services. Due to this swift growth, Xtract Environmental Services was able to welcome a new partner Justin Sutherland in early 2020 to open and operate an office in Grand Junction, CO. This expansion allowed the team to better serve customers on the western slope and throughout the mountainous I-70 corridor. In conjunction with the exceptional service and workmanship our team provides, Xtract has continued to grow and expand to provide our services to the entire state of Colorado and southern Wyoming in just under two years.

It is vital to our mission that the services we offer are 100% compliant with all state, OSHA, and EPA regulations and that our team NEVER cuts corners. We maintain exceedingly safe and clean working environments on every project to ensure protection for our employees and customers. Additionally, we are extremely mindful of our customers’ expectations and desires. Proudly, we serve as Northern Colorado’s highest rated Asbestos abatement company and continue to strive to be our state’s leading Asbestos Abatement team.     

If you encounter asbestos in your home or business, we assure that with our highly professional and highly experienced team you will be well cared for and we will tackle your project in a quality driven, timely fashion. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have before, during, or after your project is completed.

Meet Our Team

Justin Sutherland

Owner/Regional Manager of the Western Slope

Justin was born and raised in Western Colorado as a fun loving, strong leader. Growing up in the mountains he naturally took to hiking, golfing, and boating in the warm seasons and snowboarding through the winter. If he isn’t gliding down the slopes or soaking up the rays in the mountains or lakes, he is probably in his garage working on trucks or loving on his sweet dog, Fatih. In the asbestos industry, Justin has accumulated 10 years of abatement experience, with most of those years in a management position. He is remarkably comfortable solving complex problems while managing multiple teams and projects. Two of his greatest qualities are maintaining his composure and wit in high stress situations and remaining very detail oriented. You can rely on Justin to guide you through your Asbestos Abatement dilemmas and offer sound advice.


Mario Bustillos

Co-Founder/Owner/Regional Manager of Northern Colorado

Mario was born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico on a family farm that he and his family still care for today. He has been a Colorado resident for the last 13 years, with 12 of those years working in the asbestos abatement industry. Mario is a proud father of 1 and spends most of his free time with his daughter. He enjoys family gatherings and when it is time to relax, he loves old western movies. Admittedly, it is rare to see him relaxing and it would be challenging to find a more dedicated person to their work. With a permanent smile and positive attitude he gives team members and customers his absolute best self every day. Some of his best qualities are being a dedicated father and reliable team member while being a driving, consistent force in Xtract ES.


Cody Gordon


Cody was born and raised in Western Colorado and at an early age had to learn to take care and provide for himself. He learned to thrive through turbulent situations in which he attributes to his ability to start and lead a company. Cody has a assortment of experience in the construction industry including roofing, electrical, and general construction. This knowledge and experience developed into a hobby of “flipping” houses. He moved over to northern Colorado with his wife so that she could pursue her doctorate at CSU, allowing him to start Xtract. He is extremely dedicated to Xtract Environmental Services and simultaneously prioritizes sufficient time off to enjoy his blossoming family. He and his wife Jenna are proud parents to two young kids. They spend their free time loving their sweet dogs, Zea and Nyla, camping in the mountains, boating on the lakes, nurturing a toddler’s imagination, and caring for a miraculous newborn. Cody’s best qualities are being able to solve complex problems, stay calm in chaos, and showing compassion to all.


Your Asbestos Abatement Front-Line

Supervisors and Technicians

Your asbestos abatement front-line is comprised of various hard-working supervisors and technicians that strive to provide the most complete and thorough work. They are the primary example of our commitment to customer service and excellence, consistently focusing on the details of the job as well as specific customer desires.

We truly appreciate your time reading about us and learning about who we are as a Asbestos Abatement company and as individuals. We will not take your time for granted and we hope to get the opportunity to know you. Thank you!