There is only one company in the Colorado and Southern Wyoming area that you will want to go to for any asbestos abatement issues. That will be none other than Xtract Environmental Services with a multitude of locations as well as the Accolade having the highest rated and most reviewed title of Environmental Services and all of Northern Colorado. Not only will we provide you with Free asbestos removal quotes, but we will also set you up with free duct cleaning with your first project. We believe in going above and beyond for our customers and cannot wait to show you that today.

Not only does our Asbestos Abatement company help in residential areas, but we can also help in commercial areas. The fact of the matter is, you are going to receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Let us go the extra mile for you as well as offer you no hidden fees upon checkout. We know many different companies inside and outside of the asbestos field take advantage of hidden fees and additional add-ons when it comes to payment time and that is something that you will not find us doing with you.

When it comes to our specific Asbestos Abatement experience, our three founders have over 30 years of experience in this field. Not only are they competent in taking any asbestos question you may have, but they are confident taking any project no matter the size or dwelling. It does not matter if it is a residential dwelling or a commercial building, our company is going to be able to provide well-positioned service at any time. We have projects that include remodels, building demos, spill cleanups, and so much more. learn about the industrial hygienist that we work with and test with whenever you give us a call today.

Many people ask if we work with insurance claims when it comes to Natural disasters. If asbestos has resulted in water or fire laws that your business or residence has then been affected by, then we will help you with insurance claims to not only give you peace of mind but to be there for you in a time when you need a good team. We understand that natural disasters are never planned and are usually never budgeted for, so we are going to walk with you hand in hand to give you peace of mind and understanding of exactly how to go forward with your claims as well as feel communication from us.

To discuss more insurance claim details as well as ask any more additional questions you may have, be free to give our friendly customer service representative to the call when you dial the number 970-282-4333 today. We know that our customer service is already going to blow you out of the water upon your initial phone call, but go ahead and check out our website at to see all the detailed testimony that our past clientele has given us so graciously over the years. We look forward to welcoming you into the family as well as taking care of any asbestos problem you may have.

Asbestos Abatement | Residential Asbestos Clean Up

Only trust one as best as an abatement company for your Asbestos Abatement needs. When you go with Xtract environmental services, you are going with the highest-rated and most reviewed environmental service in Northern Colorado. Our company is going to offer free asbestos removal quotes as well as free duct cleaning within your first project. Not only will you be able to pick out a location that is near you, but we have a multitude of services that we would love to help your residents or your building with. Be sure to ask about our 100% satisfaction guarantee and only go with the Professionals for your asbestos issues today.

Our asbestos abatement 100% satisfaction guarantee is something we have in place to show our customers that we are willing to go above and beyond for all of our customers. When it comes to asbestos, it is a very dangerous thing to be around and a very stressful thing to deal with. We know it can be expensive, so that is why we are willing to bend over backward to be there for our customers as we are passionate about our community. Not only are you going to get that 100% satisfaction guarantee, but you are also going to be guaranteed No hidden fees.

The founders of our asbestos abatement company are three hard-working individuals with a combination of over 30 years of experience in the asbestos field. Being more than well-equipped to handle any asbestos question or project, they offer confidence in taking on projects of any size. This is why our company takes on residential dwellings and Commercial buildings, we have the founders with the knowledge and experience to be able to take care of any asbestos situation. We have projects that include remodels, building demos, spill cleanups, and more.

Many people ask if our company helps with insurance claims. After any natural disaster, if a fire or water loss has occurred and has led to asbestos, then we absolutely can help when it comes to insurance claims. We understand natural disasters are never planned and are very stressful, to say the least, so we will be there for you at hand in hand to make sure that everything gets filed the way it needs to be so you can either get back to your residence or get back to your building. We have your best wishes in mind and we hope we can reflect that to you today.

Do not make the mistake of going with another company and not going with a professional the first time, so go ahead and go online to our website at to submit your inquiry for a free quote today. If you have any questions or concerns after reading our easy-to-use website, then we would love for you to give our friendly customer service representative a call at the number 970-282-4333. Let us help you with all of your asbestos problems and give you a peaceful and healthy environment for your family and your colleagues to enjoy.