Thank you for taking your time to consider Xtract Environmental Services for your asbestos abatement needs. We have included some testimonials below from previous customers about their positive experiences with us as well as a few detailed accounts of our first-hand involvement performing asbestos abatement. We take tremendous pride in providing excellent customer care and high-quality services. Each of our customers received our full attention and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Of course, there can be bumps along the way or mistakes that need to be resolved but we strive to deliver a final outcome that we can be proud of and ensure that our customer is entirely pleased. We will always go the extra mile for you!

Success Stories

A learning curve…

We love when a project goes according to plan without hiccups but obviously that does not happen every time. Once we encountered a customer that had a broken sewage line outside of their home that caused a flood in their basement and ultimately displaced them from their home. After testing, the flooring and walls came back positive for asbestos, so they called out a few abatement companies to provide a competitive quote. We were fortunate to provide the winning estimate and set out to remove the troublesome asbestos material. After all the paperwork was signed by each party, we submitted our permit applications. Due to the emergency status of this project, we were on-site within 48 hours. Within three days we had removed all the indicated material according to the restoration company that performed the initial cleanup. Generally, restoration companies indicate the walls and flooring that need to be removed by marking the walls, floors, or other materials that contain asbestos. After removal, we obtained a final inspection and air clearance and removed all our equipment. We were finished! (or so we thought). When the homeowner returned home later that evening, they promptly called us. Unfortunately, the home contained two identical rooms. The room we had performed the abatement in was a room that did need the walls and flooring removed due to the flood BUT it was not the room that contained asbestos. Yikes! Since this type of mistake had never been made before, we quickly learned to double and triple check the abatement area!
The following day, we were back out the project with extra manpower to correctly abate the asbestos containing area. Once this work was completed, we again obtained final air clearances. Of course, we did not charge for this work as it was our mistake. Surely, nothing else could go wrong… but this time, when we removed our equipment and containment, a small window got cracked. Immediately, we called some glass repair companies to have it fixed. Finally, the customer was relieved to get their basement fully cleaned and prepared for the rebuild portion of their disaster. Most importantly, they were comforted that they had hired a reputable company that worked diligently to provide an excellent finished product and responded swiftly to mistakes. This customer was so pleased that they later wrote an awesome five-star Google review! Although this project was not seamless and could have set us back, we chose to learn a lot from this experience and grow through it. It is important to us that we share this story because we want you to know that we are here for you and we won’t abandon you when things get tough.

Here is what the customer had to say upon the completion of this project:
“Professional and reasonably priced. Cody and his team are great.” – Jeff I.

Mistakes happen…

Unfortunately, it is unrealistic to assume that mistakes will not occur throughout a project. Fortunately for us, this story was not a mistake of ours. On one project we performed, a rental property had a sewage back up that caused a disaster for the tenants and the property owner. The owner filed an insurance claim and subsequently a contractor was hired for the cleanup and repair. This contractor had not experienced asbestos before and therefore did not know the importance of testing all suspect material before removing damaged walls and floors. This was particularly important due to the age of the home, which was built prior to 1980. Instead, the contractor performed the work without testing and were near completion of the demo when a mold inspector inquired about asbestos testing. Obviously, they had not. This error regrettably caused a major asbestos spill throughout the entire home. Attributable to our strong reputation in the Greeley area, we were called out to provide a quote for this project which eventually led to performing the cleanup of the spill and abatement of the remaining drywall. As you can image, this did set the project behind schedule. Again, due to the emergency status of this project, we responded quickly had the project completed within a week. This also allowed us to create a new connection with the contractor and help educate them about the risks associated with asbestos. Ultimately, the project was completed with a safe, clean canvas for the contractor to repair and rebuild the home to prime condition. Luckily, this contractor took the right steps to fix their mistakes and we had the pleasure of helping along the way!

Here is what the customer had to say upon the completion of this project:
“A job well done.” – Jackie Y.

Cool under pressure…

Often, we are called out to an emergency project for a variety of reasons (fire, flood, asbestos exposure, mold growth, etc). One project turned out to be a little different because it was a small cabin that burnt down completely in a fire years ago and had not been touched since. The urgency here was that the property owner needed to sell and had a buyer ready to purchase as soon as possible. However, before the sale could occur, the newly found asbestos (that the buyer had tested for) needed to be remediated. Within 48 hours of the initial call, we visited the site and had an estimate sent out. After the owner had time to review the estimate we were approved to move forward. Generally, it is standard to have a 10-business day waiting period before starting any abatement project (to allow the state to review the project and permit). However, with an emergency status, the state is typically able to grant permits within 48 hours of submitting the application. Therefore, we were able to get started on this project within a couple of days. The building which had the fire was catastrophic, causing a total loss. Consequently, we needed to remove everything down to the foundation. First, we built a frame around the cabin and then contained it with polyurethane plastic, tape, and negative pressure. Then, we removed every piece of material and even had to scrape and remove the top layers of soil so there were no remaining debris. Afterward, we got a final inspection and air quality test. Although this was a difficult task to get done in a short time, we accomplished it earlier than promised, resulting in a very happy customer.

Here is what the customer had to say upon the completion of this project:
I needed asbestos removed from a cabin in Colorado and I live in Ohio. I worked with Cody Gordon of Xtract Environmental Services. The company showed up at the appointed time, gave detailed and updated information and we got a clearance report before the completion date. Thank you Cody!
– Keli S.