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Have you just encountered a meth-contaminated property?

Xtract Environmental provides professional methamphetamine cleanup, mitigation, and testing services. We are experts in the field of meth lab remediation, and we work diligently to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Methamphetamine (Meth) is a powerful and dangerous drug that can present significant health and safety risks. Xtract Environmental Services services specialize in safely removing traces of the drug from homes and businesses. Not only are we experts experienced in Meth decontamination processes, and Meth residue removal, but we can also assist you in getting all testing to initially detect any presence of methamphetamine and testing after the Meth Lab cleanup Colorado and mitigation. With our help, people exposed to methamphetamine can be protected from the damaging side effects of long term exposure to this hazardous material.

Mitigating methamphetamine from a home or business can be an overwhelming task. However, if the proper steps are followed, it’s possible to ensure that occupants are protected from potential exposure to hazardous material and unwanted chemical contamination. The best way to mitigate methamphetamine is to trust an experienced Meth Lab cleanup Colorado service provider. Not only do we have the experience in assessing and resolving potential safety risks, we also have access to specialized equipment and expertise needed for safely dealing with a meth related contamination issue. Mitigating methamphetamine from a home or business can be especially dangerous; therefore, call us!

Methamphetamine contaminated properties pose a serious risk to human health, with potentially toxic levels of contamination that can remain in a property for years. It’s therefore essential for any landlord, prospective tenant or new homeowner to be aware of the risks involved and certain questions that should be asked; this includes understanding proper disclosure protocols, decontamination procedures and the liabilities associated with meth affected land. Decontamination is based on the extent of meth contamination, the level of its toxicity and whether it was produced on-site or off-premises – each of which will require professional assessment. The decontamination process may involve removal or replacement of materials and/or cleaning surfaces with approved biodegradable chemicals, whilst also taking into consideration damages caused by lab activities. Health signs should also feature prominently during the decontamination process as long-term exposure to airborne contaminants can lead to serious health implications. Being informed and taking due diligence to prevent potential risks is key for those who own, manage or are about to buy a meth affected property.The environmental and health concerns associated with meth affected properties are vast; fortunately, ways exist for remediating such properties so that they can become safe habitations once more. Though the process of decontamination and meth lab cleanup Colorado can be daunting and is recommended to be handled by certified professionals, there are a few basic FAQs that can help provide new landlords or tenants with peace of mind and better understanding. How long should the decontamination take? While time frames vary, in general it could take between 3-15 days depending on the size of the property and severity of contamination. What areas should be addressed? Everything from ventilation systems, furniture and countertops to light switches, carpets, walls, and air ducts should receive attention during decontamination to ensure all lingering risk factors are sufficiently addressed. Finally, are there any potential dangers conscious landlords should watch out for during the decontamination process? As certain parts of decontaminating meth affected properties involve hazardous substances like caustics, flammable gasses, or irritants like chlorine dioxide – among others – it is essential that only certified technicians handle the process safely.

Xtract Environmental Services is the go-to meth lab cleanup Colorado source for expert environmental management. From Fort Collins in the north to Colorado Springs in the south, to Grand Junction in the west, and Denver in between, Xtract offers services tailored to whichever Colorado locale you call home. With additional offices in Greeley, Denver and Grand Junction, we are able to reach both urban and rural areas throughout the Centennial State. Our services are designed specifically to meet Colorado’s diverse environmental needs, so no matter if you reside within the bustling city of Denver or a small Colorado town like Loveland, Xtract Environmental Services has you covered.


  • What are the symptoms of methamphetamine exposure?
    • Accidental exposure to methamphetamine has serious consequences, with effects ranging from mild to severe. Common symptoms of accidental exposure include confusion and dizziness, as well as changes in vision, temperature, touch sensitivity, and the sensation of pain. In addition to physical problems, one may experience rapid heart rate and elevated blood pressure, decreased appetite, insomnia or difficulty sleeping or staying asleep, panic attacks, anxiety or paranoia. In some cases more extreme reactions can occur such as hallucinations and seizures. Anybody who accidentally comes into contact with methamphetamine should seek medical attention right away in order to prevent any possible long-term damage to their health.
  • Can I sample Meth contamination with an “over the counter” home kit?
    • If you’re wondering whether or not you can sample meth contamination in your home using a home meth lab cleanup kit in Colorado, the answer is maybe. Meth contamination can occur in any state and a lot of states have legislation governing how and when to test for such contaminants. In Colorado, if you believe that there may be meth contamination present, it’s best to consult with a licensed environmental professional. A professional will be able to provide reliable testing solutions and can take appropriate steps to make sure that necessary safety measures are taken accordingly. So if you’re ever concerned about possible meth contamination in your home, it might be worth considering hiring an environmental professional to examine the area rather than relying on a DIY home kit which may not be accurate enough on its own.
    • Can I clean up the meth contaminated area myself?
      • Meth-contaminated properties must be tested, cleaned, and cleared by a firm who is certified in Colorado.
    • Will you buy our property as is?
      • Absolutely! We will work with you to find the solution that fits your needs.