AT Xtract Environmental Asbestos Abatement we are here to provide the highest level of service in this industry. We have a team that is dedicated. We are willing to go above and beyond for our clients. We have 100% guaranteed. if there is a mistake then we will make it right. we pride ourselves and operating by the book meaning that we go by the rules and we go through a checklist to make sure that everything is taken care of in a good manner and we will not cut corners. we are here to provide peace of mind to our customers.

We specialize in asbestos removal throughout Colorado and Southern Wyoming. it is very important that you refrain from trying to remove as special by yourself and that you hire a professional who is licensed and trained. as asbestos is extremely dangerous if handled improperly. it is important to know where it resides in your home and where and what contains it. We will help you determine where it’s coming from. we want to help you and if you do not require our services please use us as a resource for the future and refer us to your friends, family, and neighbors.

We are the highest and most reviewed Asbestos Abatement in your area. there are developed protocols that we have to make sure that we abide by. Although the known hazards of asbestos use have never been completely banned in the United States. most common materials that contain asbestos are including drywall texturing, joint compound, floor tiles, insulators, siding, Roofing materials, and some attic insulation. asbestos is not dangerous if it remains in its Integrity but if it is aggravated or disturbed it can cause substantial damage to your health. for example, if you were hanging something on the wall and you happen to kick up some dust in the air that has asbestos in it you will be exposed to hazards.

You can expect 100% satisfaction guaranteed with the best Asbestos Abatement. We want to make sure that our customers are satisfied and we will always go above and beyond to make sure that you are happy with our service. As we are the highest-rated and most reviewed asbestos company, we live up to our reputation. We are equipped and we are specialized to handle all of your asbestos removals. and we are able to handle all of your questions and your projects professionally. Some of our services include remodels, building demos, still clean up, water losses, fire losses, and other disaster claims when asbestos is present.

We highly recommend that you refrain from trying to remove and perform any asbestos Services by yourself. please contact us if you have any questions or if you need our services by calling us at 970-282-4333. We are here to make your job easier, and we’ll be able to do all the hard work for you. you can’t go to our website and fill out a form for one of our team members to reach out to you by visiting us at

Asbestos Abatement | Helping You Through

We are providing you with the ultimate service. we want to help our customers but we also want to give back to you and our partners in the industry that we value. we offer a free Duct Cleaning Service after we have finished any project. we do not perform the duct cleaning service ourselves but we cover the cost of our partners that come take care of you. the companies leave partner with are very trusted by us and they will take care of you and your home or business thoroughly and up to standard. We have a skilled team at our Asbestos Abatement facility.

We have many relationships with Industrial Asbestos Abatement That we can refer to you to perform any testing services to see if you have asbestos in your place of residence or business. we take on insurance claims, if you had an emergency and they have found asbestos will be able to help you through these misfortunes. will be able to put in our strong efforts to ensure that asbestos is handled safely and in a timely manner. we want to get you to your home or business in order as soon as possible. we take many steps during this process and we are highly regulated and we have guidelines that we need to go by. once we have completed I walk through and we have gathered the information that we need and scope of work, and an estimate will be provided and your insurance adjuster within 48 Hours of the meeting.

We have competitive prices on our estimates and are always detailed about the services that will perform. we will continue to follow up with your insurance carrier until the estimate that we provided is approved. when we have received the green light to go ahead and perform our asbestos service. will immediately call you to make sure that all paperwork is signed. after the paperwork is signed will be able to submit our estate permit application with an emergency option if you have experience with emergencies such as water or fire loss. the standard 10 business day processing. for a permit is minimized to at least two days for emergency services. we are generally in your home or commercial building within a week of an insurance claim. once we have finished asbestos removal we will do an air quality inspection that is performed by a third party, so you and your contractor know that is safe to continue.

We have a friendly, attentive, and speedy team. As soon as we arrive at a job we are ready to get to work. and we will be able to talk to our customers throughout the whole process. and will be able to communicate with them and make sure that they understand the importance and our procedures. we are the highest-rated and most-reviewed Asbestos Abatement in your area.

For any emergencies or insurance and claims, you’ll be able to contact us immediately by calling our phone number at 970-282-4333. If you are wanting to find more information about our processes and how we handle asbestos, join us at our website at